James Munro



Awards and Press

Joining the Scottish Society of Artists, in the 1970’s, gave Jim additional status and a framework of contacts and exhibition opportunities. The Royal Scottish Academy Exhibitions were prestigious and a premium venue for Jim, to have his sculpture celebrated and promoted. Both his sons were also members of the SSA during that period.

He entered a phase of creating strong symbolic sculptures with fine form, celebrating the use of bronze and polished stainless steel. The labour and skill required to achieve this was exceptional.

Therefore it was no surprise that he started to win regular awards, mainly for his stunning stainless steel work presented in Playfair’s epic neo classical ‘temple for the arts’ at the Mound on Princes Street, Edinburgh. In fact he was so successful in winning these awards that the organisers decided to change the criteria to allow others to have a better chance.

Showing far and wide:

Joining the Royal Society of British Sculptors ‘opened doors’ for him to show his work at home and abroad. Oxford, Cambridge, Glasgow, London, Paris, Swansea, Aberdeen to name a few venues.

Significantly he was runner up for the major international commission to create a sculptural water feature for Riyadh. As always his attention to detail was staggering. The scaled model for the competition, had a miniature pump to activate the water the water fountain feature cascading. The work was judged at the RSBS HQ in London,

Work in Collections

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1978 The Royal Scottish Academy ‘Ireland Alloys Award’

1979 The Royal Scottish Academy ‘Ireland Alloys Award’

1979 The Royal Glasgow Institute ‘Benno Schotz Sculpure Award’

1980 The Scottish Academy ‘Ireland Alloys Award’

1981 Finalist for ‘The Scottish Sculpture Open’ 1981

1982 Sculpture selected for ‘Covent Garden Sculpture Exhibition’

The Royal Society of British Sculptors

  1. Awarded Second Prize in ‘Bronze Fountain Competition’ for the

National Guard, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.