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the legacy of artist James B. Munro 1925 – 1990

On a Creative Note ~ A NEW PUBLICATION

Exploring the life of born artist and musician
James B. Munro D.A. A.R.B.S. 1925 -1990

Where the Ear and the Eye meet’

This richly-illustrated publication takes us on a biographical journey from the 1930s and the impact on culture of the economic and political circumstances of those times, to the second half of the 20th century.  Throughout, the importance of arts, music and education is interpreted within the creative life of James Burnet Munro is explored.

It was the ancient duality which fuses life with art and music that inspired Munro to create a powerful collection of work.  He was part of the post-war vanguard of artists which, from the1950s to the 1980s, profoundly shaped the emerging role for the arts and education.  They asserted that art is no luxury, but is an essential ingredient within everyone’s life and under-pins wider society and culture.  In political terms this reinforces the demand for a Scottish Parliament to nurture and drive these principles.

It is twenty years since Jim Munro’s death, and this new book reviews his output in the context of 20th century Scottish art and considers the contemporary importance of the arts and multidisciplinary practice. It features an eclectic collection of essays and anecdotes and, consistent with Munro’s cross-disciplinary interests, incorporates new poetry and prose by members of the Tyne and Esk Writers’ Group in response to Munro’s Pick Up Trio sculpture.

On a Creative Note has been published to coincide with a memorial retrospective exhibition of Jim Munro’s dynamic work at Dalkeith Art Centre, where bronze and stainless steel sculptures sit side by side with delicate college drawings and vibrant plein air paintings of local landscape.

Published by the Munro Family August 2010
ISBN  978-09558740-1-7

Price: £10
All proceeds from the sale of the book will go toward Cancer Research
Any cheque payments should be made to ‘Cancer Research UK’

To purchase a copy of the book please contact Kenny Munro
 E-mail: munro64@btinternet.com