James Munro




James (Jim) Munro was born in 1925, as part of a family of five children, in the small fishing town of Fisherrow.

A community normally associated with Musselburgh on the outskirts of Edinburgh, but one that still retains a special character of it’s own. Once hosting a major Roman township and it’s bridging points over the river Esk conveyed many armies throughout Scotland’s turbulent history. Also established as an ancient centre for golf and horse racing. It had a major engineering centre with Bruntons Wire Works where his father and brother George worked. His father was also the town’s bandmaster.

J B Munro during Military Service

Therefore metalworking & music were an integral part of family life.

Further influenced by his brother Alex who studied sculpture, under Alexander Carrick, at Edinburgh College of Art with Hew Lorimer and Tom Whalen in the 1930’s. Alex introduced Jim to jazz and they formed a series of ‘family music groups’ between the 1940’s and 1980’s.

Military Service:

After an education at Musselburgh Grammar School he enlisted in the army and served with the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Scots in Egypt, Palestine, Malta & Italy? until 1947. In that year he returned home to begin a five year course of study at Edinburgh College of Art. During his studies he continued to be involved as a part-time musician.

After training at Art College and gaining a Teaching Certificate at Moray House College of Education he entered full time education for thirty years. However his stamina and zest for life ensured that his creative energy was channelled within several disciplines.

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